Anna Fàbrega

Premià de Mar, Barcelona

Freelance photographer based in Barcelona. In 2006 I finished my degree in the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), specialising in different areas of documentary photography. In 2001 I won the first prize in the photo contest Grand Marina, Barcelona City of Design. This prize gave me the oportunity to work for several years as a travel photographer. I have also worked more than 10 years as a theatre photographer, mostly for independent theatres and companies. My photograhs are part of the collection of the Documentation Centre and Museum of the Performing Arts (MAE), and have been exhibited in many exhibition rooms and festivals of Barcelona as well as in the Off Festival of the Festival Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan.

Recently I have added to my passion to travel and performance photography the collaboration as a curator with the Contemporary Analog Photography Festival Revela-T.


2001-04 – Photography. Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Barcelona
2004-05 – Specialization in Theatre Photography. IEFC, Barcelona
2004-05 – Specialization in Travel Photography. IEFC, Barcelona
2004-05 – Specialization in Landscape Photography. IEFC, Barcelona
2004-05 – Specialization in Graphic Edition. IEFC, Barcelona
2016 – Exhibition Mounting. El Observatorio, Barcelona
2017-2018 – Projects Monitoring. Centre de Fotografia Documental (CFD), Barcelona


2003 – 1st Prize Grand Marina, Barcelona.
2003 – Prize Young Photojournalism. Visa pour l’image. Perpignan, France


2018 – Cómplices. DOCfield’18. Fuga Fotografia, Barcelona
2017 – Cosmograma. Fotonoviembre’17, Tenerife
2017 – Work in Progress. CC Sarrià, Barcelona
2017 – Cosmograma. Group Exhibition. Nau Bostik, Barcelona
2017 – Work in Progress. StArt Gallery, Premià de Mar
2016 – Work in Progress. Centre Cívic Vil·la Florida­, Barcelona
2015 – Work in Progress. Teatre El Maldà­, Barcelona
2007 – 4 Women 4 Elements. Festival Quadrienale, Praga
2006 – IT Dansa. Institut del Teatre, Barcelona
2006 – Otel·lo, dues visions personals. Group Exhibition. Teatre Lliure, Barcelona
2005 – Into the Woods. Institut del Teatre, Barcelona
2005 – Comedia del Arte. Institut del Teatre, Barcelona
2003 – Visa OFF. Group Exhibition. Festival Visa pour l’image. Perpignan, France
2003 – Joves Fotògrafs de l’IEFC. Group Exhibition. Centre Artesà Tradicionarius, Barcelona


Documentation Centre and Museum of the Performing Arts, Barcelona


2016 – Organising Committee of the Analog Potography Festival Revela-T